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Mibbit is completely free and connects to thousands of IRC networks,
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  • Store preferences and favorite channels
  • Keep channel and PM histories
  • Secure access with SSL support
  • Configure aliases for common commands
  • Get access to filters to replace words you send/receive
  • Configure colors, skins, smileys and sounds
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Explore Mibbit features:
Web IRC client
  • Full IRC functionality
  • Create your own channels
  • YouTube and Flickr inline
  • Colors and smileys
  • Chat histories
  • Multi-language UI
  • Live chat translation
  • Desktop notifications
  • Word filters

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  • Find places to chat
  • Channel bookmarks
  • Searchable histories
  • Private messaging

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  • Embed chat on your site
  • Customizable view & settings
  • SSL / https:
  • WebIRC network support
  • Bot support
  • Abuse protection
  • Many features from the main Web IRC client
  • Get more with Premium including filters

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